Ask the Agent: This Month’s Question

What Should I Know About Relocating for My Job?

As you prepare to change your life and your family’s for a new job opportunity, these tips may help:

Familiarize yourself with the cost of living at the new location. You may be disappointed if you base your income expectations on your current expenses. Verify the company is offering you a competitive salary for the new market, not your current one.

You may not be familiar with neighborhoods in your new city. Contact a local real estate agent (who does) for help.

Moving involves many expenses. It’s important to realize you may need to dip into savings. Even if your company is paying many of the costs, this likely won’t cover everything. Even minor expenses add up quickly.

Streamline your relocation. Sell items that aren’t worth the cost of transporting. Ensure all former utility, bank, and other accounts are settled.

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